Finding Opportunities


Many international opportunities exist within the field of engineering. These opportunities may or may not be technical in nature, and many have the potential for monetary compensation. Depending on your interest, there are multiple resources to assist in your search.


BUTTON University of Michigan Programs and Resources
    Some departments within the University of Michigan have programs in place for which engineering
    students may be eligible.

BUTTON Placement Organizations
     There are several placement organizations that can assist in the search and during your time in the country,
     there are typically fees associated with placement organizations.

BUTTON Independent Search
     Additional opportunities may be found by searching job posting sites, company websites, networking both on
     and off campus.


Meet with a Career Counselor from the Engineering Career Resource Center to discuss work abroad and internship search strategies.  The ECRC can also critique your resume and provide resources to help you adapt your application documents for a non-U.S. audience.