What are your goals?

The following questions can help you plan and find a work abroad experience that fits your needs:

Jeremy Ross BMW Internship Photo
Jeremy Ross, BMW Germany 2013


  • What type of work do you hope to do?
  • What is your field of interest?

Prior Knowledge: 

  • What skills and experience do you already have in the field?
  • Are you seeking work directly related to your engineering degree, such as technical work?
  • Or are you looking to develop experience in broader fields, such as consulting?

Language Skills: 

  • Do you already have particular language skills or hope to learn a new language?

Travel Experience: 

  • What kind of international experience do you already have?
  • What cross-cultural skills do you have or wish to develop?
  • Have you worked with student organizations such as the Society of Global Engineers, IAESTE, or BLUElab?
  • How can these experiences help you in your job search?

Target Country or Region: 

  • Are you interested in a particular country or culture or are you open to many options?
  • Will you target countries/regions well-known for your particular field or industry or interest?


  • How much time do you wish to spend abroad? 
  • How will the work/holiday calendar of your host country affect your schedule? 
  • Are you allowing enough planning time (work permits, travel arrangements, etc.)?

International Minor for Engineers: 

  • Are you considering the The International Minor for Engineers?  Are you looking for work abroad that will satisfy the overseas experience requirement? If so, keep the following criteria in mind:
    • Minimum of 6 weeks in duration.
    • Internship involves work, research, or organized volunteer experience outside the U.S.
    • Program must provide opportunities to develop at least two of the International Minor’s core skills: foreign language proficiency, knowledge of non-U.S. cultures/societies, intercultural communication skills, or awareness of global trends in engineering/business.
    • International students may not satisfy this requirement through programs in their home countries.
    • Must be pre-approved by the IPE office in consultation with the Faculty Advisor.  Contact the IPE Office or visit the International Minor website for more information.