Pre-Departure Planning

Anya LaRoche, Nicaragua 2013
Anya LaRoche, Nicaragua 2013

You are about to embark on an enriching opportunity which will be both rewarding and challenging. Here are some pointers to get you started:

  1. Verify your passport and visa validity.  Most countries require at least 6 months passport validity before entering.  
  2. Register your International Internship.  The College of Engineering requires all students going abroad on any international experience (work, study, internship, volunteer) to register in the CoE International Experience Registry.
  3. Meet with an IPE Advisor. An IPE Advisor can assist you with your planning and help answer questions about work permits/visa compliance,  the UM’s travel abroad insurance plan with GeoBlue, and assist you in networking with other students going abroad.
  4. Register for U-M travel abroad insurance. It is required for all U-M students to purchase GeoBlue insurance for the duration of your internship. GeoBlue provides coverage for you not only in the country you will be based in, but includes other countries you may travel to.
  5. Register your travel with the State Department.  US Embassies may use this information to contact you in case of emergency and connect you with local resources.
  6. Use budget tools to plan for your time abroad, convert currency, and do your research to become familiar with overseas costs. Once the components of compensation are understood and travel cost has been estimated, it is very helpful to solidify your financial resource plan or a budget for the internship period. Remember, most students hope to break even during their international internship experience. Click here for suggestions of potential financial assistance for which you can apply.
  7. Consider how you will make the most of your international experience and how it integrates with your academic, career, and personal paths.  


Other Pre-Departure Considerations

Work Abroad Checklist
Key Documents

Timing and Location
Housing and Travel Arrangements
Work Permits